To a collective psyche aimlessly browsing insta-squares, Sincere Dennis’ photographs feel like a lost techno-dream mixed to the dystopic beats of A$AP Mob and Migos. Sincere – Sin, for short – has been snapping New York’s underground hip-hop scene for over a decade. With his 35mm four-lens camera on his hip, Sincere taps into the sultry, cacophonous underbelly of popular rap and documents its players with the shrewd eye of an insider wielding a backstage pass.

Sincere’s in-motion portaits have shuttled around the internet and inspired a rash of copycats, but his roots as a music lover from Uptown NYC set his work apart. His longstanding relationships with culture slashing rappers, musicians, models, and artists provide both platform and subject matter. His passion for live music has led him from Santos Party House to Roseland, where he patiently stakes out the stage – and the performer – whose music is popping off loudest.

Presented digitally as experimental gifs, Sincere’s photos pulse to the beat of an invisible raver’s kinetic head bob. But through the magic of the lenticular printing process, Sincere’s gifs become analog 3d prints that glimmer of retro-futurism. As you view the photos from different angles, the subjects move in relation to one another and a depth arises that threatens to swallow you. It’s an entirely different experience than viewing a typical image or video. “I’m going to get people out of their phones,” Sincere says, “and give them nostalgia for the old-school feel.”